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9th August 2022 

Psychotherapy Sessions

I have found the most important ingredient in therapy to be in the relationship we create together, the building of trust that flows from feeling truly listened to in an atmosphere of deep acceptance.

Psychotherapy is an opportunity to come to know yourself better, and to expand your potential for 'aliveness'.

An opportunity to discover insights, compassion for self, and healing.

This can come at a point in your life when you may be in crisis, or a time when you simply know there is something more to life than what you are currently experiencing. Periods of depression, anxiety and long buried feelings of grief, loss and anger can all lead to a lessening of the joy of being alive.

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Biodynamic Psychotherapy

I am a qualified UKCP registered biodynamic psychotherapist.

What makes biodynamic therapy different and, I feel, particularly valuable is that it is a truly holistic therapy that understands the organic link between our body and mind.

Every emotion is a complex event in our physical body as well as in our mind. We cannot ignore the way in which our body stores and expresses unprocessed emotional experience ~ from the 'stiff upper lip' to the collapsed and rounded shoulders of someone who has been 'beaten down by life'.

Sessions are normally for one hour on a weekly basis.

"Awake my dear
Be kind to your sleeping heart
Take it out into the vast field of light
And let it breathe".

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy is an extremely gentle way of working with the body using a light touch. I will sensitively tune in to your body's natural rhythms so that healing may be encouraged. My hands and perception become a way of listening to you, in a similar way that I will listen to you if you were talking in a psychotherapy session and I was listening to your words and emotions.
Clients will often feel deeply held and heard, able to relax and allow the body's natural healing mechanisms to occur.

Because it is so gentle and non-invasive, Craniosacral Therapy is supportive for all - from newborn babies to the frail and elderly. If you are in acute or chronic pain and disease, Craniosacral Therapy can be a place to restore capacity for health and well being, as the body releases tension and patterns of holding, so that you are able to access more of your innate life energy.


I work in the heart of the beautiful South Hams area of Devon. My clinic is situated a short drive south of the historic, lively town of Totnes.

Contact Me

If you would like to learn more, please phone me to explore how Biodynamic Psychotherapy and/or Craniosacral Therapy may be able to support you, and to arrange an initial consultation.
Telephone: 07815 535156