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24th May 2024 

The value of experiencing mind and body in unity

The term 'Biodynamic' is used to describe a free flowing and spontaneous expression of the life energy ~ supporting your experience of this harmonious free flowing life energy, is at the core of my work. This therapy was pioneered by Norwegian Psychotherapist Gerda Boyeson in the 1960's.

My starting point for understanding human potential comes from a belief that everyone has the core capacity for a loving and positive interaction with life.

Working together we build a relationship of trust and safety that gradually allows you to discover, through self knowledge which is deeply rooted in your body, a way to live your unique potential. Your body has a wisdom to guide you home to yourself.

This may mean facing and opening to previously hidden depths of feeling in yourself. Sometimes it can be a painful, but ultimately liberating experience as you free energy that has been preventing full experience of 'aliveness'.

What happens in the sessions?

The sessions will often involve talking and reflection.

I will support you in your exploration of the issues that have brought you into therapy. A space is created that will allow you to venture deeper in accessing your authentic feelings in all their complexity. This will help you to express and examine fears, self judgements and parts of yourself which may be used to being hidden.

As you are in this process, I will sensitively guide you to a greater awareness of the non-verbal communication of your body such as how you are breathing and expressing yourself in posture. This will open you to levels of feeling below normal levels of consciousness.

I will also use imagery, dream-work and drawing as tools to help you to connect with your inner world, thereby gaining a greater clarity around areas of your present life which are causing you suffering.

I will gently help you to understand how the past influences the present, as you access significant episodes in your life that have helped to create habitual and unfulfilling ways of responding in current relationships and challenges. By bringing attention to the different qualities of the relationship between us in the therapy room, we can use the 'here and now' to explore new ways of relating.

Biodynamic Psychotherapy can be supportive if:

  • You are experiencing times of emotional stress and anxiety - a personal crisis in your life.

  • You find yourself easily overwhelmed by life and its challenges.

  • You feel tired, depressed or cut off from the aliveness within you.

  • You have a known history of childhood difficulties that have left you with ongoing relationship challenges.

  • You are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

  • You want to deepen your connection with yourself and others.

  • You are suffering from insomnia.

  • You are experiencing sexual difficulties.

  • You have particular relationship difficulties or are suffering from the effects of bereavement.

  • You are suffering from a range of chronic illnesses - such as ME and digestive problems.

  • You are experiencing aches and pains and want relief and understanding.

I will also use Biodynamic massage and/or Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, as and when appropriate, as part of the psychotherapy.
This can be particularly valuable if you are experiencing symptoms of a physical nature such as extreme fatigue, muscle aches or digestive disruption, and also for helping to calm the nervous system at times of acute anxiety and stress.

However we choose to work, Biodynamic Psychotherapy can be a deeply transformative process, opening you to the sacred, as well as to the more simple pleasures of everyday life.

What is Biodynamic Psychotherapy and Massage. Red Flower

Biodynamic Massage

Touch is a profoundly important way to experience ourselves in connection with life all about us. How we touch, who we touch, the quality of contact, these are all fed back to our brain to ground us in our feeling of safety and expansion in our daily living.

This is a form of massage that supports flow of the life energy, by a respectful and sensitive use of touch which is tailored to your particular needs on the day. Using a variety of techniques which work at levels of skin, muscle, bone and auric field, I will support the release of blockages which inhibit your experience of a harmonious pulsation of energy. Biodynamic massage will also calm the nervous system and help to develop a greater feeling of living in the body. It is essentially a gentle process, and may sometimes involve very little movement as I tune into your body, and sense the quality of contact I feel will be most beneficial to you. Biodynamic massage uses no oils, and can be done over light clothing.